The best part of Bold is the way it forces you to admit that you’ve been training the wrong way. You might think you know how to do a pushup. Or a squat. Or a lunge. When Irene gets hold of you these basic exercises are turned into concentrated, functional movements where FORM is the focus. (Form and function are always the focus, by the way.) Irene has that ability to make you believe that you can do things which – honestly – you just didn’t know you could. She has taken a hobby and turned it into a sport for me, by highlighting the technical side of weightlifting. Her personality comes through in every hour I spend there and the energy is infectious. She keeps me guessing too; no workout is the same. The only constant is how I leave drenched in sweat with a weird smile on my face. Yes, my body shape has improved. But I haven’t really noticed. It’s that feeling of self-achievement that keeps me going back for more.