Moov Owner
Vicky Polydorou
Owner, Group Class Coach & Personal Trainer

I love training, whether it’s training myself or training other people to make them better. When a person is in great physical shape they feel great, and can effectively achieve the best quality out of their life. It is my passion to get them to achieving that lifestyle so that they can be the best that they can be at their life. Fitness for me doesn’t just affect your life in the gym, but changes it all round and to see people becoming better than they were yesterday is what inspires me to keep doing what I do.

My training style involves anything that gets you ready for life, whether it’s carrying your baby, going for a hike with your family or climbing a couple of staircases with no hassle. As long as the functional exercise is achieved in a manner that is safe, effective, efficient and above all, enjoyable.

Wilhemina Baiden-Amissah

Personal trainer & Moov functional coach

Didier Nyembwe

Moov Boxing


Moov is a feeling, a statement & a life choice
Our training is designed to be different and fun so that you crave your training session with us and your body & mind crave the results. Visible and feelable. We believe that a better life can be achieved through good training and a healthy lifestyle. Our vision is to transform people’s lives by training them to achieve their personal best and through that, improving their overall quality of life. The mission is simple, but significant – we offer challenging, fun, constantly varied, affordable group training and Personal Training to help you learn how to beat your own limits, get fit and enjoy exercising.